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Strategic Projects

Strategic development projects in Banten Regers

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Kantor Pusat
Kantor Pusat
Gd. Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal Daerah (BKPMD) Provinsi Banten lt. 2
Kawasan Pusat Pemerintahan Provinsi Banten (KP3B)
Jl. Syech Nawawi Al Bantani
Pallima, Serang
Telp/Fax. 0254-7075800.
Email : bgd_bumd@yahoo.com
Alternative: info@bgd.co.id
Why Banten
Special Economic Zone for Tourism, Home for Steel and Petrochemical, Near-by Jakarta and International access, Strategic Infrastructure Projects.
BGD operates as a limited liability company owned by the Banten Provincial Government with the concept of Holding Company.